William Spratling: Creator of Modern Taxco Silver

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Taxco Sterling Hallmarks

Hallmarks – What Do They Mean??? New examples of fake hallmarks from the first design period have been added to this section. The hallmark data below is the basic summary information without photos of the verified variations to date on Spratling’s hallmarks. Far more complete hallmark information and easy to follow charts as well as techniques for determining authenticity can be found in our new book Spratling Silver: A Field Guide. The information here on this website is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge – but only the first step – one needs to determine if the item is possibly a William Spratling treasure.

It will also provide information on any new hallmark research, so check back frequently.

Vintage Mid Century Taxco Stud Earrings Signed by Dulce Plateros Date s TD Vintage s Taxco TD34 Bauhaus Style Jewelry ArtCollector’s Finds!

Antonio Pineda [b. He began his career while still in his mid-teens and apprenticed under renowned masters of the period while still honing his immense innate talent. He never ceased to experiment with new techniques or try different innovative designs and his work was often exhibited alongside other greats of his time, incl.

Margaret de Patta and Georg Jensen. In addition to selling through his own Tallers , his masterpieces were also sold through fine retailers abroad as he quickly became a sought-after artisan and creator of high quality silver jewelry. In addition to the several documented marks that help in dating his work, Antonio Pineda also used some characters to denote a certain category of jewelry, for example – and according to a recent interview with Patrick Kapty – he used the letters YY for Silver Jewelry Pins and ZZ for Bracelets, Rings etc, but not always.

Certain special designs were also marked with extra characters. His elegant silver jewelry and fashion accessories have always been prized by collectors, fetching high prices at auction the world over. Below are some examples from our Pricing Guides. Collecting Pineda jewelry is a good investment as their worth keeps increasing for the foreseeable future beyond its precious metals content. His designs are most often unique and priceless, inspired by true Mexican historical and folklore influences, yet with a distinct Modernist twist.

Sergio’s Silver from Taxco, Cozumel: Hours, Address, Sergio’s Silver from Taxco Reviews: 5/5

For the past 60 years, tourists visiting Mexico have sought distinctive silver jewelry and holloware, crafted by native artisans. Although the designs they find are, for the most part, adapted from pre-Columbian clay seals and executed by Mexican silversmiths, the current industry was actually begun in the s by an American architect, William Spratling. Spratling combined the geometric abstraction of modern architecture with indigenous Mexican motifs, both Indian and Hispanic, to produce a unique style that was to influence jewelry design both in Mexico and in the United States.

Taxco is a small city in the state of Guerrero, where silver mining had been the primary industry since , when Cortez sent envoys there to acquire metal for Spain. Mining gradually decreased as richer deposits were discovered elsewhere and the Spanish settlers turned to farming.

Taxco de Alarcón is a small city and administrative center of Taxco de Alarcón Municipality They discovered silver ore in , and during the next years, Taxco became an important community for the Spanish mining industry. These commemorations date back to at least when they were begun in the atrium​.

Artist: Rituu Agarwal. Artist: Sissi Bernal. Artist: Alfredo Inga. Artist: Neeru Goel. Artist: Made Wardika. Artist: Guillermo Arregui. Artist: Wadarat Supasirisuk. Years after purchasing them, I still reach for these regularly, they are beautiful, filled with detail. I love them. By Ol’e Chap. Perfect size stone, perfect sized bezel too.

Designer Information

Though her taller workshop also produced stunning repousse silver, she is best known for her champleve enamel work. Champleve enamel is an enameling technique in which troughs or cells are carved, etched, die struck, or cast into the surface and filled with vitreous enamel. Dies were created to stamp the designs out of silver and the die-making was a critical and detailed process of its own.

Many silversmiths who went on to open their own tallers worked for Margot including Sigi Pineda, the most well-known, who worked for her four years. Other silversmiths who worked for Margot, whose work is starting to be better-known, include Melecio Rodriquez and Miguel Melendez. A fire in forced Margot to move her taller and it appears that she began to have financial difficulties after this disaster.

Margot van Voorhies Carr, known as ” Margot de Taxco ” was one of the great designers of According to Penny Morrill and Carole Berk in “Mexican Silver”, Margot A Few Simple Clues for Dating Jewelry modernist jewelry.

Taxco is located in the north-central part of the state, 36 kilometres 22 miles from the city of Iguala , kilometres 84 miles from the state capital of Chilpancingo and kilometres miles southwest of Mexico City. The city is heavily associated with silver, both with the mining of it and other metals and for the crafting of it into jewelry, silverware and other items. Today, mining is no longer a mainstay of the city’s economy. The city’s reputation for silverwork, along with its picturesque homes and surrounding landscapes, have made tourism the main economic activity.

The name Taxco is most likely derived from the Nahuatl place name Tlachco , which means “place of the ballgame”. However, one interpretation has the name coming from the word tatzco which means “where the father of the water is,” due to the high waterfall near the town center on Atatzin Mountain. Like many municipalities in central Mexico, the municipality’s coat-of-arms is an Aztec glyph.

This glyph is in the shape of a Mesoamerican ballcourt with rings, players and skulls, derived from the most likely source of Taxco’s name. Before the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico, the indigenous community known as “Taxco” was not located where the modern city is now.

Margot de Taxco

Also see my ” Shop by Designer ” page for easy access to a clickable list of designers and their items some of which are not on this list. Note: I have researched these designers to the best of my knowledge, but the information is not guaranteed! All images and text are the property of Sharon’s Vintage Jewelry. Bernie, and is still in business.

The Golden Age of silversmithing in Mexico dates from the early 20th century up to This period sees a revival of silver jewelry thanks to famous silversmiths,​.

A set of Margot de Taxco “Pointed Face” silver A suite of Margot de Taxco “Serpent” silver and A group of Margot de Taxco silver and enamel An assembled suite of Margot de Taxco silver and. A group of Margot de Taxco silver “Zodiac” jewelry. A group of Margot de Taxco hammered silver jewelry. An assembled suite of Margot de Taxco silver

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The From a distance, the white houses with pitched red roofs seem embedded in the mountain terraces. Built on seven hills, Colonial mansions, churches, and hotels are scattered across the green landscape that rolls through the entire Sierra Madre del Sur. The driver urges the taxi up the hill, but the car threatens to roll backward. Since there are no sidewalks, the driver leans on the horn to warn passersby walking alongside the road.

Walking here may require a bit of bravado, but it is really the only way to enjoy the lanes of Taxco.

We’ve sold a number of mid-century Taxco pieces that easily meet or exceed the quality of Dating Mexican silver can be a bit tricky.

Researching these makers marks will tell you just about everything you need to know about where and when your jewelry was made. If you have a TAXCO piece that includes detailed hallmarks, you can research them in a Mexican sterling marks catalogue. In this case, Perlita is the name of a local shop in Taxco, Mexico, the Mexican town that is so famous for silversmithing. I love Mexican silver and can get lost on eBay poring over the tons of examples and huge range of quality found in Mexican silver jewelry, particularly Taxco silver.

This is obviously not quite as high a silver content as sterling. Sterling silver is one of my favorite metals for jewelry because it ages well, often developing a beautiful gray or black patina, and it is more affordable than gold or platinum. Jewelers love sterling silver because it is easy to work with and beautifully sets off precious and semi-precious stones.

In the gallery above, I included some of my favorite styles of sterling silver pieces, including Mexican jewelry, Tuareg jewelry, and mid-century silver statement pieces. Learning to identify sterling silver is easy with a little experience and research and will bring big returns to any collector. Lauren Bruce on September 23, October 5, Modernist statement necklace in sterling silver. Moonstone and sterling silver ring for famous designer Georg Jensen.

Sterling silver and wood cufflinks. Modernist necklace in sterling silver and amber.

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